Saturday, January 21, 2006

my little girl is growing up so fast.......

I can't beleive my little girl is going to be 8 tommorow where did the time go.?I still remember the day she was born she had the biggest eyes and the sweetest smile she melted every ones heart.She loved her binky I thought for sure it was going to go to college with her.Now she in to barbie and anything girl. her favorite colors are pink and purple.She loves to have her friends over to play dress up or easy bake.Her favorite sport is soccer and if I do say so myself she is pretty good at the talent God gave her.Her favorite verse is Hosea 11:1.
NaY NAY that is her nick name her brother gave her the day she came home from the hospital.I hope you have a wonderful birthday sweetie you are so special to every one around you.May God continue to bless you and grow you in his love. love,mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Janae, we love you!!

-love, Aunt Kelly

Heth said...

Oh, she is precious. Happy Birthday!

(regarding the background on my blog, I just googled "free blogger templates" and then waded through all the pages of results until I found a template I liked. Then I had my husband do all the dirty work. I know nothing about html.)

Possum Pearl said...

Yes... time flies... too quickly in matters of the heart... My Rosie turned 10 yesterday! *EEP!*

Marie said...

OK, I have an 8 yo girl, she looks just like yours, and we call her Nay Nay. How weird is that?

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