Thursday, January 05, 2006


  • My book that I am reading had me in ephesians As a christian we have to go through trials and sometimes they are hard trials and not very fun. As a matter of fact during our annually sharing this year at our new years party. I started out saying this year sucked. What I should have said was this year was hard but as a beleiver I get to recieve so many blessings that trials are one of them even when it dosen't seem like it. So I started to think of the trails I have been through this year. 1. My sister had a misscarriage.2. I had a misscarriage.3.My dad has been diagonsed with stage four of cancer.and so on and so on. As a beleiver I can l ook at these trails and be really angry or I can look at them as GOD growing me and changing me for HIS GLORY. Romans 8:29For whom He forknew He also predetined to be conformed to the image of His Son,that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.I thought that is a cool verse hopefully encouraging to any one who is going through a trial now or later.7. my dad loves people.

The Blessing Christians Enjoy

chosen by God

adoption into God's family

acceptance before God

an eternal inheritance

divine power

insight into God's will

wisdom and knowledge

unity and peace with all beleiver's

access to God through Christ

God's mercy and love

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Jan said...

Bravo! Your exactly right, at least in my humble opinion. God has been teaching me the same truth about trial over the past few months.
When I look back at difficult times in my life I realize how much my trust in God grew as I learned to leave the control in His hands and just rest in Him. Striving, and crying, and hanging on to things just wears us out and gets us nowhere. Learning to trust that God will always do what's best for us, regardless of what life looks like at the moment, is the whole point of our Christian faith. Yes?

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