Friday, September 29, 2006

saying goodbye is so hard.:(

A relaxing Saturday before Janae's game
This is the bowl that I was talking about

Mydad will be leaving tomorrow we have had such a wonderful visit. I always have a hard time on the day that he leaves I have actually cried a couple of times just thinking about his departure. I even think back to less than a year ago he was dying and it looked like he would dnever be able to make this trip. Now he is so full of life he has helped me take out a old stove,fixed my back door,played numerous games of catch and soccer with my kids,taken down a microwave, He even went inside this bowl thing at the park that the kids skate board in he is so full of life how wonderful it is to see that. I love my dad so much and I hate to see him leave but I am so thankful that I got to see him again and have fun with him. Life is so short we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Well since my dad has been here I celebrated my 37th birthday and he celebrated his 67th birthday we had a great time. We went down to the park with a bunch of our friends and we celebrated life. I have the cutest daughter. For my birthday she purchased a Old Navy gift card for me for 25.00 dollars. She even gave it to me a day early so I could go shopping with it for my birthday. Here they are they are so cute. I hope you all have a blessed weekend
In His Love and mine also, Char

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Help I need some mommy advice. I have a four year old who is so disobedient I have honestly been around a million children and I have never experienced the things that he does. He will not listen to me for anything I can spank him pray with him and tell him to go to his room or to just sit on the couch he will run from me and scream at the top of his lungs at me I hate you you are stupid dumb idiot he will yell I am not listening to you. He punches me and hits me the other day he kicked me right in the face while I was discipline him.
He punches his siblings he hits the wall he throws him self down and he will run out side from me or down the street. I am so desperate for some help if I was not a Christian he would be a some kind of drugs to calm him down and make my life easier. I have to say that I am really nervous about throwing my self out their sharing such intimate problems about my child so please be nice to be on the advice but please help me I am desperate. I know what God word says about spanking him I have no problem doing that. I pray with him after wards and try to love him but at the same time it's hard too find the balance. Please be praying for me I hate the way I feel right now.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I have the most wonderful news my dad is comming. You might be saying to yourself her dad was very sick less than six months ago and you would be right. He is completely healed of cancer he does not have to go back to the doctor until the end of December. I am so excited to be seeing him again and him being so healthy. God totally healed him their is no other explanation besides a complete healing from our Lord he is so good. I can't believe how faithful He is even when I am so faithless.
My nephew is having surgery tomorrow very early in the morning please pray for him and my brother and sister he is only 8 months old. My aunt also had a massectomey today and she could use a lot of prayers her name Is Carol. I hope you all have a terrific weekend I prolaby won't have time to blog much with my dad here. Please keephis visit inyour prayers I still need to talk to him about some stuff.

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