Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well with lots of prayer and seeking Him this will be the last baby cornwell. It is such a hard decision to make. I know that He gives us free will on this decision and I have heard of it so many times when women get their tubes tied or men get a vasectomy they still get pregnant. I also struggle with that if I know that He is in control of my whole life than why do I want control of this aspect of it. I know that this deccisionis best for my family. I know what is also best for my health I also know my heart and what I can handle.

My children are such a blessing why do I not want any more blessings these are the thoughtsthat go trough my head even though I know they are lies. We have prayed and seeked Him in this hard decision.

Sometimes I wish that He would give me my life script and I would have all of the answers. No I don't because than I would not need to trust Him or rely on Him or cling to Him.

With all of that said I am having my baby boy on December 19 I am having a c-section and getting my tubes tied. I still need J names pleasekeep me in your prayers........

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I'm a mom to six amazing blessings. I am married to my best friend. I am a child of God. I am a big sinner saved by his Grace. My children are my life we have Jordan he rocks on drums. My Janae is a pro soccer player. Jacob is a artist, jesiah is a comedian in training by daddy, Jenna is our little princess on her way out of diapers. Baby Jace is exploring his world around him.