Sunday, June 17, 2007


yummy carrot cake
me and my super great friend she is just like a sister to me.

sisters and there beautiful girls
I had a my baby shower at a local coffee shop here in my town. We has a super great time the food was yummy the cake was delicious and my Friends and family are more than I deserve. I can not believe how soon I will be holding a new born. She is due in JULY 18TH but my doctor will be gone that week so we will have a induction on the 11th. That is so scary for me to even think about. I have so much still to do. I can't even believe this one myself I went to put up my old crib which is only 2 years old I lost the little slider piece to the crib the one that allows you to put the side rail up and down. I called the company and the number is disconnected that is so my luck. Walmart has no new number I called another company and she said they would let me now if they had it with in the week it has been over a week and a half. I am praying so hard for this little piece I love my crib it is natural sleigh crib. Please pray that I can locate this little piece it is so aggravating.

Hope everyone had a terrific father's day, Char

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Charadam over at fifty toes has tagged me for personal policies. Like silly policies we impose on ourselves. I have to say that I had to really think hard about this one. I don't think I have any she had a bunch to share. Here a few we always brush our teeth before bed if we don't the kids teeth will fall out just ask my four year old. My daughter could not get her ears pierced until she culd ask her self at which she did when she was 4 she said I wan't my ears pierced just like my uncle Mike. Birthdays are huge for us its your special day and the world does revolve around you for one day in your life. I will not fly and I hate heights I mean hate.
will that is a few that I culd think of had to get some help from fifty toes.

Happy Father's day

Helping daddy work on the cars.

even after knee surgery he helped when Jesiah was a new born.

daddy gave them free rein on his old lawn mower he even helped them take it all apart.

I just wanted to take the time and say happy Fathers day to the best daddy in the world. I decided to do this post early because Sundays are a busy day for us. I could not ask for a better daddy to my four children soon to be five. Steve is the dad who will always take his kids with hi.. He takes them all out to dinner to the store to work wherever he goes they go to. It's funny because just last week we were at the store to pick p some milk before we picked the kids up at my moms. Two store clerks asked him where his kids were. They said it was unusual to see him solo. God has truly blessed out family my pray for my husband is that God will continue to grow this family through my husband leading us to follow more after Him.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Wake up sleppy head

Is it time to start school already.?

I hate Mondays

Randi over at I HAVE TO SAY is doing a fun lets get real Monday. We are using our five senses. 1. See I love to see my childrens faces when they first get up in the morning.2. Taste. We had some very yummy white cake for a friends reception 3. touch I AM in theprocess of having to smash a bag of bread dough for like 10 days and it feels neat.HEAR i LOVE to hear my children talking about the bible and thier verses from their Sunday schoool classes. My four year old is starting to join them and it is so cute. 4. Smell I love the smell of rain right before it starts to rain. Go check it out at Randi's blog

Friday, June 01, 2007

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24/7 You know you need a date when your husband calls you to tell you that his father who happens to live with you left the hospital than proceeded to the near by grocery store in his UNDERWEAR thinking they were his bermuda shorts. This is a true story if that is not stress I don't know what is.

Busy week

What are you doing.?
His first haircut

my precious family all done the finished look. He is so cute.
My wonderful hubby .

We have had such a busy week. Our dear friends were married on Friday myself and some other friends wer in charge of serving some 250 people their reception dinner. That was fun but very tiring. We had a good time in the kitchen laughing and goofing off. We even managed to burn two huge cans of beans. So everyone got more salad. The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom got off with no problems.

My youngest had his first hair cut. A good friend of mine came to my house and snipped away. He was so funny all he kept starring at were her tattoos. He sat like a little gentlemen and now he looks all grown up.It is so funny because for me it is always so hard to cut their hair for the first time. And than when it's all done I alway's say what took me so long to do that.

Well the nursery is all painted and the border is up it is so cute. I love the color cominations of pink and brown once I have the crib up and ecerything in the rihgt palce I will post some pictures. My sister in law has been a saint she has helped me to so much of the work. Actually she has done most of the work. I hope everyone has a great weekend rest and relax enjoy the sun shine. In His love and mine, Char

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