Friday, January 06, 2006


I hope everyone has a great weekend.I never did get to really start school back up again. My daughter was sick the first part of the week and now my baby has a terrible sinus infection which is his first ilness ever so it's been hard on me seeing him sick. I'M going to make Friday the day for prayer request. First I have to share something really cool that I came across this morning. Well GOD has been really showing me stuff I can do for my husband to be his helper and one of them is getting up with him and making his coffee. It's actually been fun getting up and seeing him out the door. I saw this and wantd to share it.Four biblical elements into an easy to remember formula W-I-F-E.
W arm up his life with your love
I mprove his life as a helper
F ollow his leadership with a willing heart
E steem him highly with utmost respect
Just a little reminder for all of us ladies who want to honor and be there for our husbands more.
Prayer request please keep praying for my dad.2.please keep praying for all of the pregnant ladies out there especially my sister she is due any time now 3. pray for the teen agers in Fremont County.4. pray for all of the sicknesses. THANKS HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.


RANDI said...

Have a great weekend, Char and i will see you Sunday. I have your dad on my prayer list!

Sunny said...

Had to drop by and say "hi" since I am a mom to 4 J's too.

im begging you to be my escape said...

hi mom

im begging you to be my escape said...

hey char,
Are you happy?
i finaly got to your blog! lol for real evertime i tried it was being lame and wouldnt work love ya.
Much love Bonnie

im begging you to be my escape said...

why is my comment under jordan's blog name? unsolved mistery...

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