Saturday, January 13, 2007


I came to realize something about myself this weekend. It is that I am a psycho why you ask. I got word that Old Navy was having the hugest sale of the year. They had 50 percent off of the clearance price. Can you believe it I was ata lost for words. One of My favorite stores had lost their mind. So come Friday morning I awoke to snow and freezing temperatures. Do you think that stopped me nope. Let's see I have a free babysitter a daughter who is so excited to spend mommy time. So I say self we have to go the roads are not that bad and Old Navy is having a huge sale.
After freezing my buns off while I scraped my car with my daughters help, we bundled up ourselves and risked our lives in the freezing cold. It was all worth it the roads were not that bad. We arrived at the store with lot's of other crazy people. My heart skipped a beat when I saw how wonderful the sale actually really was. Here are a few of my deals a jacket for hubby original price$ 44.50 my price $9.00. fleece lined pants original price $19.50 my price $5.00. Pants for hubby$ 6.00 jeans for daughter$ 5.00. sleep pants for me $4.00. My day PRICELESS. IF you have ever became psycho over a sale share with me. Char p.s. total savings for the day were over FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS.........................

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