Sunday, January 22, 2006

Janae's birthday party.....

getting glammed
Wellwhat a day we started out by taking four girls and four adults to puelbo.We went to the funniest store in the mall its called fu fu la la. It is a store for little girls and little dogs.Weird combo so I thought but it turns out the little dog thing is the inn thing right now.The girls had so much fun they got to pick out a outfit and than they got the hair and make up done that was fun to watch they danced and did the hokey-pokey in front of the store.
The girls were dso cute some of them where cheerleaders and the rest were princesses couple of the girls had blue eye shadow and some had purple. They had glitter in their hair and face. It was a little girls dream day.Watching them dance around and have fun was a funny experience for me. I pictured them getting ready for prom and than their wedding day and oh how time flies by so quick.


Possum Pearl said...

~ Happy Birthday! ~

Shenna said...

How fun! What a cute party.

Thanks for visiting my site. Stop by again any time!

Oh, and if you join, they have a picture scroll thing you can add to your site. Good luck!

Heth said...

Ooh, looks like a lot of fun!

RANDI said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Janae!

The girls all look so cute! Janae is VERY pretty--you may have to hide her in a few years! ;)

Kelly said...

The pics turned out so cute!! I was just wondering why they teased us by offering to do our hair, I wanted to be a Punk Rock Princess too!!

Dawn said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun!!!!!!! My 10yo granddaughter would love this!
Cherish those moments. They will soon be off and gone...sigh.
Thanks for coming by the blog! Come back again.

RANDI said...

Hey Char,

We went sledding in Dawson Ranch--there is a good hill right when you turn into the main entrance.

BTW-do you know that your link is not working again?

Polka Dotted Pickles said...


Okay, anyway. Fu fu la la? Wow! Sound slike she had fun. Was that a real dog? Bright pink?? All the girls look so grown up!

Goslyn said...

What a wonderful birthday. I bet she felt just like a princess.

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