Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well so much has happened since I last blogged. My week has really been one big blur. On Friday at 5:30 am I AWOKE to my front door bellringing and my cell phone all ringing at the same time. It was my husband who was standing at the front door with glass all over him. He hit a deer and his side window was completely shattered but thank God he was ok. Our windows had just been shot out of with a bb gun by some lovely kids so know he had 2 windows to replace.
Than Friday mid morning my daughter at the time I thought she was having a asthma attack actually ended up that she was prolaby having a mild seizure we ended up in the emerency room after a cat scan and bood work they think she is having petite maul seizures. That was scary because I have been treating her with a breathing machine for asthma and the whole time she prolaby has been having seizures. She had a mri yesterday and she is scheduled for a eeg on the 21st and her appointment with the petriactrics neurologist is on the 29th. So please keep her in your prayers.
Well on a lighter note I think I am going to have to change my blog name to mommy to fives j's we found out that we are expecting our fifth miracle from God around the 21st of July. I am very excited and nervous. I miscarried and had a d/c last October. So please pray for a healthy pregnancy And that my body will be healthy and all will go well with this little life inside me.
My God has been so wonderful through all of this He has gave me verses and peace about Janae He showed me the verse in Jeremiah about how HE knew her before He formed her in my womb. He loves her even more than I do which seems hard to believe.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Loving Nana

Today is a hard time for me. My Nana's memorial is this afternoon. She passed away the morning after Halloween. I am rejoicing that she is heaven she loved her Lord. I am also sad that I get touch her any more talk to her or just go visit her. My kids will never have the relationship with her as I always did. We got together last night with family an talked about her and all of our memories. She all described her one word here are some the words that best described my nana. Loving, honest, kind,gentle,unconditional love,forgiveness,foxy,hospitable,sincere,tranquility,sweetness. When we were done we saw that she was like Jesus she had all of the attributes of our Lord. A couple of days before she passed away she had a amazing thing happen my Aunt went over their to see her she was cleaning and laughing and playing worship music. My nana was always sick and not felling well so this was out of her character. She said I fell better than I have in 10 years she said I met with my Jesus and asked for forgiveness and he took all of my guilt away had a talk and he met me here. I am so thank ful for that conversation she had with mey aunt. Because if my Nana had passed away a year ago I am not sure where she would be today. She was baptized less that a year ago and she gave her life to our Lord.
This death has made me open my eye's to my family for years I have not been around them very much well some of them like my aunt and nana and my mom but the other's have bugged me or hurt me. I have forgave them but I still did not want to be around them. This has made me see that if I have truly forgave them than I need to be around them I need to show them the love of Jesus many of them are not saved. Jesus hung out with tax collectors and prositutes. Who am I hanging out with. I challenge you this holiday season to maybe spend time with family members that maybe bug you are frustate you. They need to see how much their Lord loves them.
Please be praying for my family this afternoon they will be to doing a alter call and that would be so amazing to see people get saved through my nana's death. Especially pray fro my step dad Ron and my uncle scott thank you,
In His Love and mine, Char

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