Thursday, January 28, 2010

on the road again...

Well friends it looks like God is moving us once again. Can you guess where yep back to Colorado even in our same house. This is such a cool God story about a year ago God took me to a place and asked me if I loved Steve more than my house. At first I had to really think about it what was He asking me. It turns out that Steve had been praying about selling our house to get us out of this horrible finacial disater that we were in.
  Our house did not sell and a really nice Christian couple rented it for us with option to buy in six months. Well it turns out there contract on our house is up at the same time our apartment contract is up. Well due to our bankruptcy we can not sell our home at this time. My uncle  knew nothing about what was going on he called and offered to pay our way back to Colorado..We prayed about it and we are moving back March 1 into our home we lived in for 8 years,
  A lot has changed in 8 months it has been challenging for my marriage and mt relationship with my children.It has tested me in every direction possible. He has been so very faithful to me during this storm. I would not change this time for anything because God loves me He chose us to go through this storm and trust me it has been a rough storm and rocky storm..
  Please pray for us as we have a lot of loose ends to tie up here and a lot of packing...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my daughter's birthday

A new look to my blog in honor of     Janae, tommorow she will turn 12. I can't beleive that she is a tween. My baby girl is the most thoughtful person I know. She helps me more than I could ever express. My daughter Loves the Lord and she serves Him with all of her heart. In honor of her 12th birthday I am going to list tweleve things about her. This is going to be hard to only name 12 things..
1She loves the Lord.                                                                       
2. she loves her whole family especially her younger sister..
3. She kicks booty at soccer
4. Her laugh makes me laugh
5. her smile brightens up a room
6. she has a huge heart.
7. she helps with laundry
8. She will be a artist someday her art work blows me away
9. she can cook a mean cup cake
10. she loves tea
11. she takes my breath away every day

Friday, January 15, 2010

hard falls and bleeding teeth..

What a horrible day. Jesiah decided that Jenna needed to fly across the living room. He pushed her she missed the bean bag and hit a plastic box. There was blood every where her teeth were bleeding all around the gums. After I got the bleeding stopped she was talking to me and I noticed that she had one tooth showing in her smile. Her tooth was shoved up in her gums. I took her to the dentest the tooth was pushed back 3 milimeters and she shattered the bone to the tooth. My poor little baby I feel so bad for her. Her mouth is so swollen and sh ekeeps telling me that it is bleeding still..
  The dentist said that her tooth might fall back into place but I need to watch it for an infection. I am so sick to my stomach about the whole situaion..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why is that both of my babies have a melt down at the same time. One is 1 years and the other is 2 and they have the exact same melt down Jace crawls up to be with his sweet little face and motions for me with his arms and smile to life him up,Jenna comes up to me with her binky and blanket she calls baby and says hold me mommy please. Oh so cute but hard at times to hold them both...
 So I have entered a contest it is the biggest looser it is on face book it is cost ten dollars and the winner gets th epot at the end of two month sit is up to like one hundred and thirty smack a roos. So I entered to help motivate my lazy butt and get me on the right track. Now the plan after lots of  possibilities and let me say there are alot of diets out there so not too healthly I have chosen weight watchers it has been the best for me I have done it before and lost fifty or so pounds on it.. I am begining to see that I eat out of boredom just plain boredom. Watching tv on the phone or the computer. So I have decided to drink a glass of water before I SIT ON MY BUTT.. I am also making sure that I have healthly snacks around for the boredom times.
   Here a few light string cheese. frozen grapes, 100 calorie packs, carrots, apples, so I am determined to beat the boredom blues. Got any ideas or something that works for you while you are either dieting or just trying to be healthly please share  thanks...
I also have started using a small plate rather than the large ones they make it look like you have a lot of food on your plate. I also drink a full size glass of water before every meal So weather you are dieting or eating healthly my prayers go out to you for this is so hard...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a typical day in the house of  three small children at home. Jenna wrote all over Jace's face with marker and his feet. The crazy thing is that I was sitting in the same room. Then she got into lotion and spreaded it all over the carpet it was a greasy mess. Jenna is doing good at potty training but she did poop all over the toilet lid and some on the floor.
  The worst mess was we got a new (old) dryer and we took the old broken one out it left huge black grease marks all over the carpet. I had to scrub the carpets and you can still see it.. Hope you all had a great day...

Monday, January 11, 2010

So glad I have stated up blogging again. This is a place where I can come and be honest with myself and other's. No fakey fakey here this is the real me. Well things are finally looking up for us get say what just yet but I will keep you posted. My two year old started potty training this week how fun. Actually she has done really well. Big girl panties during the day and pull ups at night. She has had a few accidents but since I have been down this road before I don't stress my self out to much...

God is so good Jace my one year old needs a bigger car seat they are sooooooooooo expensive oh my Goodness are they made out of gold or what. So my hubby and I are standing in Walmart discussing the different seats. This lady starts saying that she had that one and her son barley used it now she has a girl and wants a different seat for her. We started talking and she say's you are going to think I am weird but I have that car seat in my garage and you can have it if you want. I told her she was not weird but she was a BLESSING...
   Thank you Lord for taking care of that for us.....

Friday, January 08, 2010

Well it has been forever since I have wrote on blog. Have to say that I have became a huge fan of face book but I think I am going to blog for while as well. as much has happened to me in this last year. Jace just turned one in December he is a huge blessing he is saying mama a ton and he attached to me like glue. That 's OK with me. Beyond all of that we are now living in a different state so much has changed.

Maybe if I write it down it will be easier to deal with, first we put out house up for sale in hopes of selling it and getting out of debt. You see God was so faithful to pay our bills when Steve had his knee replaced but however HE DID not pay our credit cards we got further and further in debt. We thought if we sold the house all our problems would be solved. WE got a full asking price on our home in less than a week our Realtor was for sure this was a for sure deal. Then Steve has an offer for someone to buy his business. This is all going so fast God what do we do now. we started to pray about moving last year but because of peoples response to us was so negative we gave up and did not listen to God. Ouch that last sentence really hurts my heart. So now was the time we decided to move to Washington, let me just say that you defitley know who your true friends are when you announce you are moving.

To speed things up we moved our house fell out of the contract three days before closing and we lived in a different state. We almost lost the house but some nice Christian couple are renting it for now. Than my husbands business went under fast and hard. We are living in a very small four bed room apartment with his elderly father we had our car reposed and we are in the process of claiming bankruptcy. God has stripped us from everything we have nothing left ourapartment is so bare we have gone from a five bedroom home to this what the heck is going on where did we go wrong. My marriage has been tested over and over again and I am ashamed to say but I haven't always passed. I have gotten to the point sometimes where I am like this is not worth it I am done.
Writing this all down as been very hard for this is such a personal trial in my life. I am not good at sharing my heart with other's. I am having a hard time with trusting in general due to some situations that I can not share. Hope you have a Blessed day thanks for reading this please keep us in Ur prayer's..
If I said that I am great and this is such a Godly experience I WOULD BE LYING to myself and to my Lord.. However I can say that I am asking for Him to guide us and show us what he is doing and what is it that he wants us to do. I can also say that I trust Him with all of this and my life. Through this He has showed me that HE is so very faithful and He will meet me right where I am at.

I have tried to look at all of my blessings through all of this
1. my kids are healthily and they Love the Lord
2. Having great friends here
3. He did allow us to get our car back
4. the ocean is beautiful
5. He Loves me...

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