Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good morning ladies,
This is a prayer request for me I am having hernia surgery tomorrow. I have a abnominal hernia that needs surgery right away. I hate the thought of having to be put out and having surgical team work on me. It is out patient so hopefully I will get to come home tomorrow. Have a great day I will talk to you all later when I am felling better. Prayers and blessings to you all.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A little sad

Hi ladies,
I am having a hard day. My dad went in for a cat scan yesterday and the doctor called him immediately after he got home. They told him that his chest was so full of blood clots that he needed a blood transfusion immediatley.It feels like to me that he is getting worse that every day something else is happening with his body.We found out he had cancer a day before Thanksgiving and it has been down hill from there.He was diagnosed with stage 5 and he has tumors all over his body. I want to go see him but it is not that easy hate to fly so I would drive it would only be about 16 hours here is where it gets tricky.First our car is not in the best of shape fro me to take it out of state so I would have to rent a car and than gas money and time off for my husband because I really don't want to be their alone.Please pray for me to know when to go and how I am going to get there. Please pray for my dad that he will be surrounded by CHRISTIANS I don't think he is saved. Thanks ladies.

Friday, April 07, 2006

please pray

Good morning everyone I am off to go see a friend who is in the hospital.She is about 30 weeks pregnant and started to go into labor last week. She is doing a lot better now she maybe even get to go home in a couple of weeks. Pleaase pray for her and her little miracle that I pray God will continue to knit that baby in her womb.I hope you all have a great weekend. Please continue to pray for my dad his vocal cord has collapsed and they are not sure why it could be more cancer.He seemed a little down when I talked to him.I f it is cancer he does not want any more surgery.
Have a blessed weekend

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I can not beleive my oldest is 10 today. I was two weeks over due and I had to be induced after 12 hours of labor Jordan Steven came into this world. My first baby I don't think you ever get that feeling back of how it is to have your first baby. How you get to spend so much time with them they are it they have your attention 24/7. He was such a good baby I could take him anywhere I went.
Today you turn 10 J.o. and I want you to know how much I love you. You are turning into a sweet gentlemen who loves the Lord. You have teh BIGGEST HEART any mom could ask for. You made me so proud of you when we went shopping the other day and you held the door for me and any one else who was around. I love how you love to help others and pray for any one who need prayer. You are a light to this lost world. My dreams for you is that you will continue to love Jesus with all of your heart mind and soul. You will put others before your self and treat others as you want to be treated.
Have a special birthday son your dad and I love you so much.
If you have a chance please stop by his blog and wish him a happy birthday he loves to recive comments. im begging you to be my escapethat is his blog name.
Have a great day,Char

10 of Jordans favorite things
3. friends and family
4. showbread
5. relient k
6. candy
7. shrimp
8. movies
9. clothes and shoes

Monday, April 03, 2006

His blessings

Well it seems like forever since I have been on here.Friday I took my son shopping to the mall.We were looking for green low tops for his birthday.After endless hours of looking we found his tops at Ross for 12.00 dollars yes I said 12 bucks. That was so great of God The others one we looked at were 40 and 45 bucks. That was a fun day I can hardley believe my oldest is going to be 10 on April 4 . I can't believe he is hitting the double digits.

On Saturday a bunch of us from our fellowship went out to the local Laundromat and passed out food to homeless people and people who just needed it. That was the best blessing ever God gave us just the right amount of food that we needed for them.It sure opened my eyes to how blessed I truly am. my Lord loves me so much and He loves them so much. I got to be used my my Lord several times I got to pray with these people they all prayed for other people in there families.They are homeless alcoholic depressed people and their eyes where on other people.That made me cry . I am so focused on myself and I don't even know what goes on in other peoples lives all I do is focus on my wants like I want a new van I want new furniture I want I want that's about all that is in my vocabulry.Instead on getting my knees and thanking my Lord Jesus Christ for what He has given me.I am so selfish it makes me ill.
Hope you all have a day that is a blessing to others look around your community see where God would have you serve. There is so many opportunitys. Ex: Your local pregnancy center, history center,homeless shelters. soup kitchens. parks are a great place to start our park has a skate park during the summer sometimes we will go out their and pass out soda and just hang jout with them. Love,Char

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