Saturday, March 22, 2008


I just wanted to take the time and wish everyone out there a very happy Easter. I am trying to take this special day and really think about what Christ did for me. I can see in my life how I take so much for granted. Waking up every day healthily and my children do not have a horrible disease . I have a warm beautiful house that he has provided I have a ugly but running car that He provided. I have a awesome place to worship that they teach the word verse my verse nothing is added to His word. I have five amazing children. He suffered for you and me. He took the price so we can live. Have a Blessed Easter and enjoy the beautiful day the He has provided for each one of us. <

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well once again we are in the middle of cleaning up our house making it nice and pretty . We met with our friend who is a Christan and he is a awesome Realtor. H e is going to list our house for us so once again our house will be for sale. If we sale our house we will be able to get out of some finangle stuff that we have gotten our selves into. Debt just plain SUCKS we hate it.
I love my house but I am willing to sell it to get out of some debt. It is so hard to really know what God wants when you can barley hear Him because you are so focused on money I hate it. We always say oh that would be so cool to do that or go on a mission trip to where ever but we never have the money.

I am clinging to that verse in Mathew about Him taking care of the birds and also I love how He tells us if we knock He will answer so please be praying for us.

On that note we have a bunch of stuff to do by Monday here they are
1. paint my daughters room
2. paint my sons room
3. rake front yard and back yard
4. remove tree stumps on the side of house
5. Put everything in storage
6. caulk the cupboards in kitchen
7 tidy up back yard
8. remove lantern from front yard
9. disinfect and make father in laws room smell good. this will be on of the hardest jobs.
. 10. tidy up My room
11. move office out of our room and into daughters room.

God is good and He will see us through to the end

Thursday, March 06, 2008

life in our house

I had a great day my honey suprised me by comming home from woek early this morning. My 5 year old got a much needed hair cut from his dad. He must have really likes his long hair because he cried the whole way through it Janae is home from school she ahs pnemonia if you can please pray for her to get over this. Jenna had her first ponytail complements of her big sister. She looks so cute with her ponytail on top of her head.
We had a conference today for Jordan he is not doing well in school. We are trying to decide wether he will move on to sixth grade or not. I tell you what upsets me the most is that if you decide to homeschool and than put them into sschool your children have to deal with alot of stuff. Like a color wheel that was taught in first grade my fifth grader can not get the concept down. He has a real hard time foccusing on the lesson. Their is stuff that the public school teaches that a lot of homeschooled kids are not taught at home and they have to play catch up.
Please keep us in your prayer's we need a lot of prayer.
p.s. If you need any car work done and you live near us my husband is trying to make some extra cash for taxes my prayer is that he can make enoug side work to pay for his knee surgery. He has really bad knees they are over taken by arthritist.
His doctor says he has knees of a 90 year old man.This is really hard on him he is a very outgoing man that loves to play sports and rough house with his kids.
I n His Love and mine also,

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