Monday, December 19, 2005

Sad news

I can't believe Christmas is so close. Where did the time go . My dad found out he has cancer through out his entire body. He has good spirits about him he says he will beat this. I on the other hand feel like GOD is preparing me for something else .When I was younger what ever made me happy he was all for. I remember one time me telling him about how dolphins can heal you that they have some magical power. He was all for it he has never told me what he believes in. I need to know for my peace and so I can pray with him and tell him it's ok because we will spend eternity together if he beleives in my LORD he will be with me forever and ever. So please pray for me to have the holy spirit direct me on how to talk to him. I am going to put one thing nice about my dad on my blog each day 1. He loves me



RANDI said...

Hey Char,

Your daddy is so blessed to have you! I will continue to pray for you all!

Kelly said...

Char, I know that God will provide any opportunity that HE wants you to have! He loves your dad more than you love him, so just try to focus on this and be willing to do what He asks of you. Your dad is a wonderful man and he loves your family so much!! Keep your chin up! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Char, I am sorry you are all facing this. God is in control and on His throne. As a human being, that isn't always as comforting as it should be though. Just know that you are all being lifted and covered in prayer! I love your listing of the nice things about your Dad.

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