Friday, December 16, 2005


Wow Friday is here already how is it when your little the weeks seem to me so long but when your old they fly my as so the years. I am having a hard day please keep my father in your prayers he was just diagnosed with lymph cancer. I guess my biggest fear is he is prolaby not saved I am freaking out inside today he has his big doctors appointment to tell us the game plan. I know I need to trust in my LORD and know you will get me through this hard time it's really hard I am not ready to loose my daddy. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Karen said...

Oh Char, I am SO sorry about your dad's diagnosis. My dad had prostate cancer this year so I have an idea of what you're feeling. It's horrible. My promise verse during that time was (and continues to be)Isaiah 54:10. Maybe it will give you some encouragement too.

RANDI said...

Hi Char! I will definitely be praying for your dad and I look forward to what God will do. Hang in there and remember that He is always good!

I figured out your commenting problem: When you comment on my blog, make sure that the space that says "URL" has this in it:

Once you publish a comment on mine, everything should be OK!

Good luck!

Kelly said...

Hey char, I found you!! I like what you've done with your blog! I guess now I can give you my address. I know I don't post all that often and my first few were just plain depressing but I going to try again! I love your dad he is great and we will be praying for him and I want his address. email me or call and tell me. I love ya girl, Kelly

Sprittibee said...

Saying a prayer for your dad. God is good... and I pray that he will have complete healing if that is God's will for this time. :)

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