Thursday, December 15, 2005


I can't wait until christmas break. I am feeling so over welmed right now that I COULD SCREAM. due to my surgery I feel like I am so far behind . I made a decission today I am not going to stress my self out I am going to enjoy this christmas season and i am going to have peace in my LORD. i am going to rest in him. Even something as small as when to take a christmas break or whats for dinner or how DO i do something all my answers are found in HIM. I hope you all have a restful day in him enjoy your day char


mommy to four j's said...

For some crazy reason, your blog popped up as soon as I got off the phone with you! Lucky us, huh???

I am glad you are up and running again! Hang in there today!

mommy to four j's said...

Hey Char,

Try leaving a comment on my blog when you get a chance and that way we can see if your "link" works. Somehow you had 2 active blogs and I deleted the inactive one (hope that is OK!) Any problems--let me know!

mommy to four j's said...

I just realized that everythink is OK because I have been leaving comments with your link (OOOPS) and it works fine!!!

All these comments are from RANDI!!!

Shannon said...

Hi, Char. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and welcome to the blog world yourself! My four kids are almost exactly the same ages as yours.

Anonymous said...

Char, you have permission to take a break any time you need. Don't wait until everyone else is, that may be too late! :)

It is good to take care of yourself first sometimes. Everything else goes so much more smoothly when you are functioning well.

Here's to Christmas break every day!!!

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