Thursday, December 22, 2005


DECEMBER 22 ,My poor husband has alway's had to share his birthday with christmas as a child it was not fun for him. As a adult I try to make it a day of celebration and seperate it from christmas. I hope he has a great day and enjoys his birthday. Christmas is so close I has this whole list of things to do during christmas break I think I have done maybe of them so today I have to get busy. I would rather play games with my kids and relax but maybe tommorow we can do that. I also want to watch a fantastic christmas movie with my kids and suggestions. have a wonderful day char 3. my dad has always been there for me.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to Steve!!! I love that boy just like my brother, you are a very lucky woman to have him!! I know some days-like maybe today make you feel just a tad bit different, but here's your chance to shine GRACE and MERCY!! love ya

mommy to four j's said...

Brat i did at it failed but god know's right. I agree I am very lucky to have him as a husband he's a very sweet loving man thanks for the reminder

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