Wednesday, March 29, 2006

exploding volcano

warning if you have a weak stomach do not read any further God has such a funny personality it all started on Saturday. Our church has a monthly fellowship night were a couple of houses host a evening at their house. It was to start at 6:00p.m..We got are house spick and span you could have eaten off of the floors. At exactly 5:40 my three year old announces mommy my tummy ouchie. So I proceed to go upstairs to check on him at exactley 5:45 his volcano explodes all over the floor he barfed all over himself the floor and his baby brother. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen puke everywhere. My baby tried to crawl away and he kept on slipping in it. Are you all grossed out now sorry.
Here is the lesson I was taught through this horrible thing on top of all of that my daughter had a asthma attack at her soccer game and almost passed out. So this was the icing on the cake. I have been going through Martha and Mary study and how I want to be more like Mary funny thing about all of this is I had just prayed with all of the ladies who were hosting at their house for us to have hearts like Mary.Now I had barf all over my house at people arriving in five minutes ha ha ha. The nigh turned out ok everyone still came and we had a great time.Jacob did not barf again thank you Jesus.
So God showed me to have a happy heart and enjoy my guest and not to worry about the house being cleaned.Just open my heart to them and serve them.



Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, goodness! I found your blog through the comment you left on Owlhavens.


But it sounds like you have an amazing heart AND friends. ;)

terrible speller said...

okay, that was rough. But what else can you do but just keep going. Sorry to hear about all that but hopefully you can look back and have a little giggle about it all.

RANDI said...

Not fun! You handled it with a ton of grace, Char!

Aubry got sick all over the back seat of my car yesterday--and then kept it up all evening. I felt so sorry for her, but she seems to be A-OK now!

Dawn said...

Gotta be ready for anything when you have kids....I do NOT have the stomach for "ralphs and buicks"...Thank the Lord that my kids had iron stomachs for the most part and only once did one of them hurl right in the doorway of our room in the middle of the night...DH cleaned it all up! Bless that man! I was in the bed with my head covered. :op

Emily said...

Ew! I hope he gets better ^^
On Sunday I'll let you know what you'll have to get for the monkey ^^

Carrie said...

Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words you left on my blog.

Kate said...

you truly do have a heart to serve! and i bet everyone had a wonderful time and were blessed by your hospitality. i hope no one else got the cooties! (barf on carpet is the worst!) :)

GiBee said...

Oh, Char ... I am TOTALLY there with Kate... barf on carpet is awful, but add a baby being barfed ON, and it's just the pitts!

I'm totally amazed at your last sentences... because, honestly? I totally struggle with this ALL THE TIME...

you said: "have a happy heart and enjoy my guest and not to worry about the house being cleaned.Just open my heart to them and serve them."

Beautiful. I think I need work in that area!

And... thanks for stoping by and commenting at my blog!!!!!

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