Monday, March 06, 2006

My first night alone ever.............

Since my husband is away I spent the night alonefor the first time ever.This may sound really silly to some of you but for me I have never been alone.Sure my kids are here but it is not the same.When he first pulled out of the driveway for a split second I thought how wonderful it would be not to have any kids.I could go to a hotel or go away by myself.Than reality hit me when my toddler yelld I have to go to the bathroom.Than I thought about the aloness again and realized I wouln't have it any other way kids and all.
So my first night was not to bad I slept o.k. but not great.I did watch a lot of t.v. and I mean alot of it.There is such smut out there I really had to refrain myself from not watching it.The first show that I wanted to watch that looked very entertaining was about a much of girls liking girls sick.The second show was about spoiled rich girls having their daddys pay for what ever they want.Then a commerical came on last night let me tell you it was not that late and it was a nasty girl commerical.I was in shockI don't know why I was in such a shock being as I know how the world is.
Just be careful of the times you let your children watch television.I know most of you out there don't have t.v. we did not have it for three years and now we have cable.There is some really good shows out there it is a bummer that the bad shows have to ruin it for the good ones.
Well hopefully tonight I will sleep better and not have to watch t.v. at all.

I talked to Steve tonight he is doing well.Mississippi still has a lot of damage not much has been done even though it has been six months.Keep the people of Baycity in your prayers please.
Steve has a video camera with him I can't wait to see the footage but I also know that it will be sad.
God Bless,Char


Tanya Nichols said...

Oh im so sorry you are so lonely! Big Hugs from craftygirls to you! the television has not been in our home for about 4 years and we dont miss it. I have to say the internet is much nicer, hehehehe. I do hope it gets better for you, when is your sweetie due home? Oh and you had asked if we are painting we aren't we are fortunate enought to have someone come paint for us. Hugs Tanya

Heth said...

I just hate when hubby is out of town. I sleep with the phone under my pillow and hear every single little noise in the house.

I hope he has a great trip and that you can get some sleep while he is gone.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Have fun with your time!

Rachelle said...

I hate it when my spouse is away. It sucks! I hope he hurry homes soon!

Natalie Joy said...

I hate it when my hubby is gone, too. I don't mind the occasional 2 or 3 hours without hubby and kids, although that doesn't happen very often.
BTW your hubby and my hubby look like they could be brothers. Kinda funny :)

mommy to four j's said...

Tanya,you are so lucky to have someone come over to paint for you.

heth,I do that exact same thing I have had both phones under my pillow every night.I have had our house phone and the cell phone just in case he decides he is as lonley as I am in the middle of the night.

Dani,your so sweet have a great day

Rachelle,He should be home on Sunday hopefully they really want them all to stay but they can't due to work and all.

natalie joy,Exactly a few hours are perfect with no hubby or kids.
But this every day thing is for the birds.p.s. Your hubby most be a hottie than to. heheheh.

mamabear said...

my email:

Kate said...

awww that's so sweet. my hubby went on a business trip this past december for a week and it felt like two weeks since that's the week i caught a cold and lost my voice! stay well and stay busy!! it will go by fast that way :)

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