Monday, April 03, 2006

His blessings

Well it seems like forever since I have been on here.Friday I took my son shopping to the mall.We were looking for green low tops for his birthday.After endless hours of looking we found his tops at Ross for 12.00 dollars yes I said 12 bucks. That was so great of God The others one we looked at were 40 and 45 bucks. That was a fun day I can hardley believe my oldest is going to be 10 on April 4 . I can't believe he is hitting the double digits.

On Saturday a bunch of us from our fellowship went out to the local Laundromat and passed out food to homeless people and people who just needed it. That was the best blessing ever God gave us just the right amount of food that we needed for them.It sure opened my eyes to how blessed I truly am. my Lord loves me so much and He loves them so much. I got to be used my my Lord several times I got to pray with these people they all prayed for other people in there families.They are homeless alcoholic depressed people and their eyes where on other people.That made me cry . I am so focused on myself and I don't even know what goes on in other peoples lives all I do is focus on my wants like I want a new van I want new furniture I want I want that's about all that is in my vocabulry.Instead on getting my knees and thanking my Lord Jesus Christ for what He has given me.I am so selfish it makes me ill.
Hope you all have a day that is a blessing to others look around your community see where God would have you serve. There is so many opportunitys. Ex: Your local pregnancy center, history center,homeless shelters. soup kitchens. parks are a great place to start our park has a skate park during the summer sometimes we will go out their and pass out soda and just hang jout with them. Love,Char


truth said...

Isn't it cool when we wait on the Lord for shopping and we are patient? He will direct us to the best deals. So glad you enjoyed your ministering.

Marie said...

Shoe tip: Ebay. My husband went on a "Chuck Taylor" tear and decided all the kids needed green and yellow chucks. He got great deals on EBay, thankfully.

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