Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A light and the end

I never realized how excited I would be to see these magic words in my school book.You are two thirds done yes yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel.I can't beleive it school is almost over I figured it out that if I push it we will be done in the begining of May yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Life is so funny after I got all excited I started thinking of so much stuff like oh no I have to teach Janae how to say all of the words in the english dictionary.And Jordan has to always remember to put a capital at the begining of a sentence and so on and so on.
What I should be concentrating on is do my children really truly love the Lord.Do they have a personaly relationship with Him.Is He their all and all. It truly really dosen't matter if Janae can say all of her letters perfect it does matter that she knows her Lord is perfect.He loves them no matter what they have done or will do. Hope you all have a great day and remember Jesus loves you right where you are.


terrible speller said...

I am right with ya sister!

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Getting close! I am feeling the same way-in a sense. I am so ready for the semester to be over. FREEEDOM!! Well, not really, but I can dream.

Kate said...

So so true. Thanks for the encouragment. I think we all want to see that light a little brighter at the end of the tunnel. Especially with spring fever. Have a wonderful weekend!

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