Monday, February 20, 2006

Why did I do that.?

ok don't laugh to hard. very painful

I have to ask myself that question especially today.It all started on Saturday night I am getting ready for the church dinner.I was doing my hair and looking at my face I said to myself,self you have some major bushy eyebrows going on they look like one giant eyebrow.So I start to pluck and it is taking for ever how can I possibly speed this up.So here goes the stupid part I decide to use nair on my eye brows.I think why not I have heard of people using it on their backs and bikini area not much of a difference right WRONG.I got a chemical burn from it.And thats not all I also thought I could use it on my lip WRONG again I also got a chemical burn there too.Ok so I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. Please be kind with comments I already feel really silly.If you have ever asked your self why did I do that please let me know after all it is getting funnier each day I'm not in pain.
Here are some pictures just to show how stupid that really was.


mamabear said...

Dear Char,

I just want to thank you so much for all your kind and loving comments on my blog. And thank you for your prayers-they mean so much to me. :-)

I'm doing okay. Some days are better than others. Lately I've had some rough days, but God is good, and I know He continues to carry me through this path I'm on.

I've just come over to your blog tonight, and will have to spend some time catching up on it.
Thank you again for your prayers.

ps-I love your pink blog background. I wish I knew how to change my background on my blog. But I'm slowly learning HTML.

mommy on the verge said...

Ouch! Sweetie, you deserve a visit to the nail salon! Don't go to one of those wear they RIP you hair out, go to one where they place nice music and pamper. YOU deserve it after THAT pain! Cheers!

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

*Grins* Sorry about that. You mentioned that Sunday. ;)

Rachelle said...

Ouch! I did that before my wedding and got burns on my stomach. It sucked!

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

hehe ... cutey burn :)
thanks for dropping by at my blog earlier and thanks for the words of encouragement :)

EmmaSometimes said...
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EmmaSometimes said...

oh, you poor girl. You know I dyed my eyebrows once when I was 17, thinking I was all knowing and invincible (like the box would know?!). I burned my eyes so badly they looked like I had pink eye. Don't feel bad, you aren't the first and won't be the last. How is is now 2 days later??

RANDI said...

Danika relayed that story to me--cracked me up! I hope are a-ok now!

I have the uni-brow problem too--in fact I need to pluck soon--but I will NOT use Nair!!!

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Cursed eyebrows!

Anonymous said...

first of all, rachelle, why were you using nair on your stomach.

secondly, you just have to pluck, unless you want to use that ripping stuff. it hurts. but you could have them waxed professionally for 7 bucks, and then keep up on them by plucking. i remember when i first started plucking, it sucked. but i kept after it, and i like myself alot better with plucked eyebrows. but i advise using cream bleach on your upper lip.

i hope your rash is better, and you have been able to stay out of public, so as not to scare little children.

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