Thursday, February 23, 2006

getting better.=)

I am feeling much better thank you for all of the funny comments.I have to say it made me not think about it as much.Well the pain is getting better after amost a week.That is so ridicolus I still can't beleive it. My lips are the worst they are super dry and the blisters are not helping.
Enoght about that does any one have a super cool science curriculum that they would like to tell me about.I am so burned out on my science right now here is what I am looking for something that is easy and not some much hands on more reading from me or my kids and than questions or paper due. I am sick of planting seeds and watching them grow.
What are every ones plans for the weekend.?Remember Friday is prayer request day.Have a super pink Thursday.


Kate said...

I love A Beka science. It's more reading. All biblical based of course. My kids have always loved it and done really well. Easy for me too!

owlhaven said...

I love Apologia Science, but I don't do much of anything for science til kids are about 5th grade. Then I start in with Apologia general science. I pair up kids-- my 8th and 6th graders are doing physical science together now. They read the chapter on their own bit by bit and come to the kitchen for an experiment once a week or so. Most of the Apologia experiments take ordinary household stuff so no prep is needed. I have homeschooled for 11 yrs fwiw. My oldest graduates this year.


Peach said...

Mary, thank you so much for easing my mind about science. Apologia may work for us too. I'll have a fifth grader next year, so that would be a good time to try!

Char, glad you're feeling better. Please pray for my mom tomorrow. She just had surgery on her shoulder yesterday, and she is going back tomorrow to have the pain pump removed.

Anonymous said...

well personally, i love building volcanos and blowing them up. also, i love having the kids sling chocolate sauce over the entire kitchen and watch the kinetic energy flow, as the molecular functions of their bodies clean away the residue. don't forget to test a hypothesis involving kids, coffee, and shopping at walmart.

Tanya Nichols said...

Ohmaword i did giggle...just a small one...Science is not my favy so I have my oldest use Alpha Omega and he has a project weekly and he leads the weekly project he LOVES IT...

RANDI said...

We are using Apologia Astronomy for the boys and we love it! I read it to them but you can let the kids do it themselves if you want to. We divide each unit into 2 weeks--the first week we read, the second week we do projects (they are easy AND worthwhile!)

If I remember to, I will bring it to your house tomorrow when I drop of the boys!

mommy to four j's said...

Thank you to every one for all of the gret advice on science.My computer was been down for almost 2 days so I have some catching up I will comment to each and every one of you when I get a chance.I will get prayer request done my tonight.Love,Char

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