Monday, February 13, 2006

The Weekend

the birthday gang

Wow what a weekend we have had.Friday night was a lot of fun we had a birthday party for our adoptive teenage daughter.It was real simple we decorated with black and white streamers and theywatched a movie.They were all well behaved a very pleasant to be around.For fun here are some presentsthat teenage girl get for their 17th birthday.A game of candy land lots of suckers and candy.Some tee-shirts and gift cards for hot topic.Lip gloss and a few c/d's.Things haven't changed so much since I was a teenager.
Saturday we went to Ross to get a dress for a invite to a church dinner.My teenager who is adoptive had her first date at his church.It was so cute the boys from our local youth group could invite one girl for a special evening they could not tell her what it was for all they told them was the time and location and to dress nice.When we got to the church the men asscorted their date to the table at this time her mom and I left.Only to anticipate the phone call to pick her up.We picked her up to take so we could take some pictures and to hear every detail of her evening.She said it was so cute the boys had to serve the food to the girls and wait on them the whole time.
We also had a weekend of throwing up and stomach aches made it through all of that hopefully the is all over with and done.My husband or my self are the only ones who have not got it so please pray that we won't.


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Fun stuff!

Linsey said...

Sounds Fun!!!

mommy on the verge said...

Thanks for coming to visit! That made my day! Have a great day!

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