Thursday, February 02, 2006

Girls girls girls

I have to say how much I love to hang out with teenagers they are so much fun.Up until the other day I thought it came natural to every one to want to be around them.And to my amazement I was in total shock to hear that I am CRAZY.I love to hear whats on there hearts and minds.I enjoy there company God has been so good to me that I have actually got to have a few very special relationships with a couple of teenagers.It has been more of blessing for me than I think for them.
God has showed me these last couple of months how he would like me use the gift that he he has given me.The one way that I get to be used by Him is he has asked me to do a young ladies study I am so totally thrilled to be able to do this.My main goal is to just be there for them and show them how much God loves them no matter where they are at. I don't have all of the details yet except for it will be at my house during the week in the evening. Please pray about it and if its something you would want to do please let me know and feel free to invite your friends.

This young woman's version of Elizabeth George's bestselling book A Woman After God's Own HeartR shares the intentions and blessings of God's heart with teen girls. On this journey they discover His priorities for their lives-including prayer, submission, faithfulness, and joy-and how to embrace those priorities in daily life.
Elizabeth's mentor style, the "Heart Response"" messages of reflection, and the age-significant themes make this an excellent book for groups or for personal study. And best of all, girls will discover that God is a faithful, caring, and loving presence during this exciting and sometimes difficult time in their lives.


terrible speller said...

That is awesome. I love college age girls. I will have to admit .. middle and high school girls .... I don't know how to put it, they kinda get on my nerves. More power to you. I know the Lord will greatly bless you for being willing to serve.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Cool! Let me know what you end up doing!

Lori said...

Hi Mommy to four J's,

Please don't take this too personally, but I'm wondering how you are home schooling your children when you have such a difficult time spelling simple words, with their correct grammatical usage (ex: there, their, they're).

I have home schooled my children for quite some time. Children (not just mine...all kids) are so bright..they are like sponges soaking up information. I can also tell (because you speak of the books you have read) that you are quite literate. I guess what I'm saying is that I know that you are smart. You look as if you care for your kids a great deal, and they look loved and cared for (please don't think that I'm being critical of your parenting skills). Just try to take care with that spelling!

OK. That being said, let me ask you something. Do you find other parents supportive of the fact that you home school? I find that some parents are wonderful, and others are simply NOT.

Again, please don't think I'm trying to insult you personally. It's just that with home schooling, it's so important that we (ME TOO, not just you) are so careful with spelling and grammar.

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