Friday, June 30, 2006

Spoiled little brat.

This has been an incredible month.First my dad is completely healed of all of his horrible cancer. My husband quit his job based only on the direction the good Lord had for him. All of these changes in our lives and I am still a spoiled little brat. My husband has quit his job to be able to eventually buy our friends business. So here we are he has quit his job and now he is working for our friend he is training him so that he will be able to run this business. So on Wednesday we start out the morning looking at banks and interest rates. Well by the end of the day I was mad frustrated disappointed confused and angry. Why because things were not going my way.The bank wants this and the mortgage company says you did all of it backwards you should have stayed at your job. And on and jon everyone we turn people want money something we don't have right now. I was so angry not at me or hubby but at God yes my Lord and Savior the one we has blessed me so many times just in this month alone. I was like what are you thinking this is never going to work hello where are you? I was so angry that I did not or could not worship him that night at bible study.
So here I am sitting kind of listening to the study and than this still small voice says you should listen to this. I am still not even sure where we were at in the bible but the one thing that I heard so loud and clear is that I am spoiled and you expect it because I want it. OUCH big spanking I was like A spoiled child wanting my way. I threw God out completely and was not even trusting him even though I said it over and over again in my head it was not in my heart. God is so good He was gentle in my spanking and he gave me a really cool verse. Romans 12
Serving the Lord rejoicing in hope patient in tribulation continuing steadfastly in prayer.I need to be patient he has it no matter what happens He has it. I need to wait on him and continue to serve Him resting in his arms laying at his feet.
Have a great weekend resting in your Fathers arms.

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Emily said...

I love/hate those kind of spanks. The last one was really bad for me and because I didn't heed God the first time so it came from a friend and I had caused myself an extremely embarassing situation! Be thankful that you heeded your spank when you did. I know that trusting God when the situation doesn't seem like it will pan out certainly will stretch us but then when its done we are that much closer to being like Christ himself. If you want to read a story about a spoiled brat, read stepping heavenward. I love the transformation she goes through. It gives me hope that I can mature in Christ as well. Well I love you have a blessed day!

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