Monday, May 22, 2006

school days are almost over.

Am I dreaming or is it true school is almost over.I am planning a celebration day to celebrate school year is over.My children think it will be fun to have a backwards day and eat junk food before the pizza.That sounds like a fun idea to me.I want to try to have a little craft for them to do like door hangers or bags to paint. Is anyone also out there doing something fun to celebrate the school year being over. I have to do someting to keep my mind off of my dad.
Thanks for all of the prayers my dad has taken a bad turn he started to urinate and it is pure blood. He has some kind of infection with the white cells and the red blood cells. He also fell in the middle of the street the trash can was to heavy for him and it fell on home scratched his legs and arms and he broke his glasses. A neighbor had to come over to get the can off of him feel so ba dfor my dad he always has been so very INDEPENDENT.This has to be hard on him to have to ask for help from other people.He is also not eating agian he said nothing taste very good if any of you know of any good recipes that other cancer patients liked please give them to me thanks.
On a happier note my father in laws test all came back o.k


Jules said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's great to connect with so many people who share common interests. We homeschool as well and will be finishing up the year at the end of the week. We may plan a trip to Monterey, CA to go to a fantastic aquarium there.
Sorry to hear about your dad being sick. I know I don't know you, but it is great to know that my Jesus is yours as well. He knows the procedures and processes that we must endure. He bends down to hear our prayers and sends his spirit to comfort us. Bless you and your family.

Rachel said...

...thanks for coming by to comment...I, too, am so looking forward to school finishing up...but now for some type of summer schedule so they don't climb the walls...:o)
...'praying that your dad takes comfort in the Lord's arms around him today...

T.E.E.Q. said...

I am still praying for your father. Please stay strong and encouraged even though I know this is hard.

truth said...

Sounds like a great celebration for summer. Don't have any ideas a the moment.

So sorry to hear about your dad.

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