Friday, January 08, 2010

Well it has been forever since I have wrote on blog. Have to say that I have became a huge fan of face book but I think I am going to blog for while as well. as much has happened to me in this last year. Jace just turned one in December he is a huge blessing he is saying mama a ton and he attached to me like glue. That 's OK with me. Beyond all of that we are now living in a different state so much has changed.

Maybe if I write it down it will be easier to deal with, first we put out house up for sale in hopes of selling it and getting out of debt. You see God was so faithful to pay our bills when Steve had his knee replaced but however HE DID not pay our credit cards we got further and further in debt. We thought if we sold the house all our problems would be solved. WE got a full asking price on our home in less than a week our Realtor was for sure this was a for sure deal. Then Steve has an offer for someone to buy his business. This is all going so fast God what do we do now. we started to pray about moving last year but because of peoples response to us was so negative we gave up and did not listen to God. Ouch that last sentence really hurts my heart. So now was the time we decided to move to Washington, let me just say that you defitley know who your true friends are when you announce you are moving.

To speed things up we moved our house fell out of the contract three days before closing and we lived in a different state. We almost lost the house but some nice Christian couple are renting it for now. Than my husbands business went under fast and hard. We are living in a very small four bed room apartment with his elderly father we had our car reposed and we are in the process of claiming bankruptcy. God has stripped us from everything we have nothing left ourapartment is so bare we have gone from a five bedroom home to this what the heck is going on where did we go wrong. My marriage has been tested over and over again and I am ashamed to say but I haven't always passed. I have gotten to the point sometimes where I am like this is not worth it I am done.
Writing this all down as been very hard for this is such a personal trial in my life. I am not good at sharing my heart with other's. I am having a hard time with trusting in general due to some situations that I can not share. Hope you have a Blessed day thanks for reading this please keep us in Ur prayer's..
If I said that I am great and this is such a Godly experience I WOULD BE LYING to myself and to my Lord.. However I can say that I am asking for Him to guide us and show us what he is doing and what is it that he wants us to do. I can also say that I trust Him with all of this and my life. Through this He has showed me that HE is so very faithful and He will meet me right where I am at.

I have tried to look at all of my blessings through all of this
1. my kids are healthily and they Love the Lord
2. Having great friends here
3. He did allow us to get our car back
4. the ocean is beautiful
5. He Loves me...


Kimmie said...

Bless your heart dear one. May our Father come to you and send you encouragement as you walk through this hard time. God is faithful, strip away everything in your life that isn't focusing on Him. With your eyes and heart firmly fixed on Him (without interruptions from sources that aren't tied to Him) will cling to Him as you ride out this current storm.

Praying for you and your marriage.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Jessie in VA

Caroline said...

I was thrilled to see you had visited my blog. I've checked in often to see how you were doing, and it looks as life has sent you through many twists and turns. There is nothing like financial worries to make relationships struggle. I'm praying that the Lord will lead you out of your money troubles and bring you joy in your marriage. Great and wonderful family you have there!

Laura said...

That last one is worth is all -- He loves us! Hang on to Him.

I'll be praying for you. Come back to my blog for encouragement!

Kate said...

Hi Char -
I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling right now. We have our highs and lows. You are on my heart and I will keep you and your oh so precious family in daily prayer. Please keep me updated or feel free to email if you need to vent more. You are in His grip. He will NEVER let go. And as you know, he loves you EVEN more than you can fathom.


mommy to six J's said...

Thank you so much all of you are so sweet and have such kind words. Some of you even made me cry.. Thanks for the prayer's. Love to all of you

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Oh my you have been through a lot. I do hope things turn around for you. I know it is tough, but you have beautiful children and your faith should and is guiding you. I'll pray for you.
Holly @ 504 Main

Willow said...

Hi Char,
Thanks for visiting my blog. My mother in law, who was a very godly woman, used to say, This too shall pass; nothing ever came to stay. And your situation will pass, too. Focus on your husband, your children and your Heavenly Father.

Deb said...

You have been through so much, but you're still looking to Him.

And thanking Him for your precious family.

And you know that even during these bad time He won't leave you. Will never abandon you.

You are so right. He always meet us right where we are.

Just like we are.

We don't have to put on or cover up.

You're hanging in there, and He's holding on to you.

Praying for you.

Sweet dreams.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I stopped and prayed for you after reading your post. You sure have been through a lot. Life sure can be hard at times.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.


P.S. I'm in WA too

mommy to six J's said...

Thank you again so much for all of your kind words.

My Journey to Hope said...

I am so sorry to hear all that you've been through recently! I don't understand it all, and I certainly don't have all the answers, but I know when my life has fallen apart, I clung to God tightly. I wrote down every encouraging Scripture on sticky notes all over my house, and I learned how to pray like never before.

A friend gave me a copy of the updated "Streams in the Desert" by L.B. Cowman (I highly, highly recommend it to you!) and I underlined almost every other line of the devotional.

This quote is still written on my erase board:
"O waiting soul, be still, be strong, And though He tarry, trust and wait,
Doubt not, He will not wait too long,
Fear not, He will not come too late."

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