Friday, November 09, 2007

I can not believe it has been so long since my last post. Here is what has been going on in the Cornwell house. We decided to sell our house ourselves that has been very stressful. you never You never know if the people are going to show up and what exactly are they looking for.
the kids are doing well in school Janae is getting very good grades and Jordan is trying relay hard. They both love their teachers and they are both Christians. I really can not believe how much they like school they tell me all the tine thank you mom for sending us to public school.
My baby will turn 4 months here real soon. She is getting so big she is a chunk. Super sweet smiley Little angel.
Well that is all fro know have to get ready fro hot date with hubby and friends. Char


Caroline said...

I'm sure the house thing is very stressful. Glad to hear the kids are so happy in school (I love, LOVE the name of your other blog - amazing how many in the other camp don't believe this isn't it?) Hope you sell the house soon!

Dana said...

We are looking at selling our in the Spring...hopefully. If anyone wants to buy it!

I was looking at pictures of your adorable little one below. She is a cutie! Mine is six months now and on the move. She so delights in her new found ability to crawl over to the dog food or get into her sister's toys. Great fun.

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