Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Charadam over at fifty toes has tagged me for personal policies. Like silly policies we impose on ourselves. I have to say that I had to really think hard about this one. I don't think I have any she had a bunch to share. Here a few we always brush our teeth before bed if we don't the kids teeth will fall out just ask my four year old. My daughter could not get her ears pierced until she culd ask her self at which she did when she was 4 she said I wan't my ears pierced just like my uncle Mike. Birthdays are huge for us its your special day and the world does revolve around you for one day in your life. I will not fly and I hate heights I mean hate.
will that is a few that I culd think of had to get some help from fifty toes.

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PEA said...

I hear you on the heights thing...I'm terrified of heights and won't get on a plane! I'm back from my trip and trying to catch up with everyone's news:-) xox

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