Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Loving Nana

Today is a hard time for me. My Nana's memorial is this afternoon. She passed away the morning after Halloween. I am rejoicing that she is heaven she loved her Lord. I am also sad that I get touch her any more talk to her or just go visit her. My kids will never have the relationship with her as I always did. We got together last night with family an talked about her and all of our memories. She all described her one word here are some the words that best described my nana. Loving, honest, kind,gentle,unconditional love,forgiveness,foxy,hospitable,sincere,tranquility,sweetness. When we were done we saw that she was like Jesus she had all of the attributes of our Lord. A couple of days before she passed away she had a amazing thing happen my Aunt went over their to see her she was cleaning and laughing and playing worship music. My nana was always sick and not felling well so this was out of her character. She said I fell better than I have in 10 years she said I met with my Jesus and asked for forgiveness and he took all of my guilt away had a talk and he met me here. I am so thank ful for that conversation she had with mey aunt. Because if my Nana had passed away a year ago I am not sure where she would be today. She was baptized less that a year ago and she gave her life to our Lord.
This death has made me open my eye's to my family for years I have not been around them very much well some of them like my aunt and nana and my mom but the other's have bugged me or hurt me. I have forgave them but I still did not want to be around them. This has made me see that if I have truly forgave them than I need to be around them I need to show them the love of Jesus many of them are not saved. Jesus hung out with tax collectors and prositutes. Who am I hanging out with. I challenge you this holiday season to maybe spend time with family members that maybe bug you are frustate you. They need to see how much their Lord loves them.
Please be praying for my family this afternoon they will be to doing a alter call and that would be so amazing to see people get saved through my nana's death. Especially pray fro my step dad Ron and my uncle scott thank you,
In His Love and mine, Char


Christine said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was an amazing woman and witness to many. I only hope I am remembered someday as you remember and honor her.

Thanks for visiting today. I wish you special blessings as God comforts you during this difficult time.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

I am sorry about that. I will pray that you guys will feel God's peace!

Jordan stoppped by and said hi. So, just saying hi back.

Mrs. Moo said...


Anonymous said...

thank you for your kind words. My grandmaw's service was on Wednesday, Nov. 8th. Since Kentucky is so far from Oregon, I was not able to make it, and I am at peace with that. When I heard she was slipping from us, I called to tell her one last time I loved her and to kiss grandpa for me in Heaven. I'm so sorry for your loss as it must hurt as much as mine, yet the assurance that they're in heaven far outweighs the tears we cry on earth. I am happy for her, yet sad for us remaining. Thank you again, for your wonderful words. I appreciate it. Hang in there, and love on her memory!

Mrs. Darling said...

So sorry!

What amazing memories.
Praying for peace in your hearts in this sad time.

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