Saturday, July 15, 2006


hubby and sister
Jacobs birthday with all of his cousins
Jacob turned 4 happy birthday sweetie.

The family is all gone and I have to say I am very sad. It was so nice to have them all around us we had a blast. But now the house is so quiet and I am a little depressed today for a lot of stupid reasons I thought if I shared them I would feel better. 1. We had to have are television turned off we had satellite but we are trying to cut back where we can. I know that is a stupid one we went without t.v. for three years and I surveyed but I really enjoyed the baby stories and the discovery channel.2. We are getting rid of our high speed so prolaby no more blogging for me or shopping or just browsing oh well that is another stupid thing to be depressed about. I can't go to the gym this month again trying to cut back on expenses. Maybe it's because they are all at once and I have a ton of hormones in my body right now if you know what I mean.
W ith all of that said I don't feel any better but now I will have more time to read my bible and spend time with my kids and hubby. No distractions around me just me and my family. Hey I will look at it with a different attitude jits not that we have to get rid of all of that junk it's that we get to so we can spend more time together as a family enjoying Gods love for us and reading his word.
O.k. I guess I do feel a little bit better now hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying your family.


Piggle Wiggles said...

*Big ole squishy hugs*

Kate said...

Oh Char, cutting back is good! Especially if it's a priority and it does your budget good! I'll be thinking of you and praying your back heals up soon! :)

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