Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seeing what He has for us..

Well we are back in our old house. It has been really crazy being back here. New friends and old friends. We are trying to get my hubbies other knee replaced we are waiting on approval from the surgeon. His appointment is tommorow and I am a little nervous actually a lot nervous. Knowing He is in control makes it a little easier. Steve is in a ton of pain and he hurts all of the time,
  We started seeing a Christain marriage counsler today. I am embarassed to admit it. But I  feel like God has asked me to be open about it. We have been married for almost fifteen years so I would assume we would have it down But we don't and our marriage has been through a lot of stress this year and we need some Godley counsling. God has totally set it up so I know it is a good thing.

 Hope you all have a very Blessed week


Becky said...

It's easy to understand how all that has been going on for your family in recent months could result in a little marriage 'stress'. But God is faithful! I'll pray for that and that the surgery goes through and that it helps to alleviate your hubby's pain.

Blessings! Becky

Laura said...

NOBODY has marriage down, not without effort -- no matter what they say. We've started working on our relationship after more years than you. I think most of us think since we're Christians and committed, our marriages will take care of themselves -- but they don't!

Blessings on you!

mommy to six J's said...

thank you ladies I agree so much. We r doing better

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