Thursday, April 17, 2008




What a magical night. a group called young Life held a daddy daughter dance at the middle school gym. When I first saw the advertisement for the dance my heart skipped a beat. I thought what a fun time to go to the dance with your daddy. Then I was so scarred that her dad would say no but he did the exact opposite. H e was so excited to take his little girl. The night was perfect we bought Janaedress and new shoes and a cute little brown sweater.

We had a fun day we painted our nails and i put her hair in a ponytail than I curled her hair in ringlets. For the first time I let her wear a very very light pink eye shadow and a little lip gloss. After I helped her get dressed and I put some glitter on her and her pretty necklace I stood back and cried like a baby, my little girl is growing up so fast. She looked amazing she was so beautiful.

Her dad came down and I have to say he looked hot he even wore a tie and a nice pair of pants and dress shirt. What a fun night I had Janae take my camera so she could get pictures of her friends and my nieces.


truth said...

Isn't that just the sweetest thing? Something she will remember forever, and so will her sisters.

Becky said...

That is SO sweet! I love that daddy took his daughter on a date.

And your daughter did look very beautiful. Her little sisters are going to be clamoring for their turn!

LauraJ said...

I'm crying just reading this! Some daddies are so special! I miss mine.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Janae looks very nice! That is awesome. I still remember the dance my Dad took me to when I was about her age. :)
Wow, that means a lot that you ask me to teach at the Young Girls Retreat. Yeah, I would be interested. If you want to, just give me a call at (719)429-6252.

Anonymous said...

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SBTVD said...

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smileymamaT said...

What perfect memories, and the photos.... oh my gosh.
My middle-school daughter, who I call here Justice Fairy, (and who looks a lot like yours, they could pass for sisters!) is growing so fast too...I wish they would do a father-daughter dance here too!

Kate said...

That is precious! I am so glad they got to go together and share that special time. She will always remember that!

Gayle said...

We have one called The Father/Daughter Ball in our area and it just blesses me so much that it's an opportunity for my daughter to be properly courted by her Daddy. There's just something so powerful in that.

So glad they had a grand time!

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