Thursday, March 06, 2008

life in our house

I had a great day my honey suprised me by comming home from woek early this morning. My 5 year old got a much needed hair cut from his dad. He must have really likes his long hair because he cried the whole way through it Janae is home from school she ahs pnemonia if you can please pray for her to get over this. Jenna had her first ponytail complements of her big sister. She looks so cute with her ponytail on top of her head.
We had a conference today for Jordan he is not doing well in school. We are trying to decide wether he will move on to sixth grade or not. I tell you what upsets me the most is that if you decide to homeschool and than put them into sschool your children have to deal with alot of stuff. Like a color wheel that was taught in first grade my fifth grader can not get the concept down. He has a real hard time foccusing on the lesson. Their is stuff that the public school teaches that a lot of homeschooled kids are not taught at home and they have to play catch up.
Please keep us in your prayer's we need a lot of prayer.
p.s. If you need any car work done and you live near us my husband is trying to make some extra cash for taxes my prayer is that he can make enoug side work to pay for his knee surgery. He has really bad knees they are over taken by arthritist.
His doctor says he has knees of a 90 year old man.This is really hard on him he is a very outgoing man that loves to play sports and rough house with his kids.
I n His Love and mine also,


Tracy said...

I feel sooooo bad for your husband as I can relate! I have very severe arthritis and had a year where just getting in and out of the car was quite a task. I too love sports and this was crushing for me. I found a GREAT doctor and he got me on some good meds (remicade/methotrexate) and a bunch of natural stuff. Now I run, snowshoe etc and I am doing great. I will pray for him...and you, for wisdom with your son. That's a tough decision. I have one in public school (where my hubby teaches), also our foster daughter is in that school, I home school my 5th grader and my four year old will go to pre-k there next year.

You are on my heart tonight!

Barb said...

Praying for you and your family. I too have physical affliction in my life. I run to Psalm 34...especially verse 1-3. I purposefully set my heart and mind to extol the Lord at all times and keep HIS praises on my lips at all time!

I will pray for your many requests but more importantly, I will pray for you to run to Christ and lay everything at HIS feet!

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