Friday, August 24, 2007

decisions decisions decisions

I have had a very hard decision to make this week.I am a mom who up until last year enjoyed homeschooling my children, I had a hard year my daughter had some health issues and my son had some learning difficulties. I had came to the realization that my children are falling more and more behind each year, My husband and I started to pray about what to do. I told my pastor that I wished that this answer was in the bible to tell me exact ally what I should do.

With lots of prayer and some crying we have decided to put our children in public school. This has been a hard decision but once I took my self out of the picture the Lord was able to talk to me. My fear was that I let my children down or I let my husband down but most of all I did not want to let my Lord down.

I asked for God to put such a excitement in my children that they would be excited. They are so excited we went school shopping on Friday we had a blast. My daughter actually said she wished it was Monday on Saturday so she could go to school. I know that Gods hand is upon my children no matter where they are, He is in control of their lives as well as my life. I will be sad tomorrow I know that I will miss them I have had them with me 24/7 there entire life's. They are such a huge help with the younger kids who will I talk to during the day who will get me a diaper when I need one. That is all the thoughts I have going through my mind. They are all so selfish I know that my children will be a light to a lost world I am excited for this new chapter in there lives.


Anonymous said...

Char I am so proud of you!!! The growth and maturity it takes to make a descision based soley on what the Lord wants you to do is awesome!!! Remember its not about the polls, but about your Lord. Nehemiah :)

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Char, I forgot to remind you about the opposition. There is always opposition when it comes to God's work. Nehemiah had it. Commit it to prayer and just keep on going in God's leading.

Heidijayhawk said...

just be involved. be prayerful. be dilligent. most teachers are amazing people. it is your gift lead your children to the way of christ.

randi---i have to say said...

Hi Char,

I love Emily comment: "Remember its not about the polls, but about your Lord".

You can't always make everyone happy with your decisions, but you must go forward if you know that this is right for your family! By now I know the kids have been in school for a couple of days and i hope it has gone well for all of you!


Lily @ Consider the Lilies said...

That is a very hard decision, but (as a homeschooling mom myself) I understand your fears and feelings on the matter. When I imagine myself in the same position, I can see myself feeling the same way. I agree with Emily that it takes a lot of maturity to make a decision based only on what the Lord wants. It isn't easy to push all those feelings aside when they scream so loudly!

And thanks for the visit to my blog! It was lovely to find a new mom out there who has several children. I see you've recently had baby #5. We are expecting #5 next March! :)

I have a good life said...

The public versus homeschool thing is so hard. We just want to do what is best for our kids. Sometimes it is hard because of all the voices inside us -some for one way, some for another. The Lord will provide and being a loving and involved parent will guide your kids to success whether in public or homeschool.

Kate said...

To everything, there is a season. And this is the season God is leading you in. Keep it in prayer, and He will never leave you. You are an awesome Mommy!

Caroline said...

I firmly believe you have made a God pleasing decision. You CAN still be a huge influence on your children even if they're not with you 24/7. It takes a smart and thoughtful person to realize that sometimes we cannot best meet our children's needs in EVERY area. I know God will bless your family greatly in the coming school year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog this morning!
How are your wonderful children doing in school? How has the adjustment gone?
Aren't you thankful that He's in control of the whole picture???
In Him,

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