Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SO much to do....

I am so excited my dad will be here on Saturday he is comming to help me paint and get things ready for the baby. I have decided to do her room in pink and brown with butterflies and flowers. I still can not beleive we are having a little girl . It seems like forever being Janae is 9. Well the only down fall of this is that I have to have th eextra room ready when my dad gets here. I still have so much of hte junk in there from when it was my husbands office. I have a lot of work ahead of me a lot.

Does any on eelse have this problem when they are working on one room the whole house seems to be getting wrecked and it is a total mess. I can't figure it out it's like there is a huge tornado in my house when I am upstairs or downstairs. Well I will have to take before and after pictures to show you the mess.

Praise God I had a docto5rs appointment and everything looks great the baby is grwoing and she measures exactley as she should I am now 71/2 months along..



The Woman said...

Wonderful! You look wonderful!

Brown and pink is one of my favorite color combinations! I'm sure the lil pink bundle will love it too!

My house is always turned upside down! LOL

So glad to have found you once again! (Lisa)

Randi said...

Your picture is cute, Char! I can't wait to see what you do to the baby's room, you always do such a great job decorating!

Kate said...

You'll get it done in time, especially since it sounds like your "nesting" is kicking in! You look adorable!

Té la mà Maria said...

irreverent,iconoclastic,eclectic e liberty

in Catalonia - Spain


Polka Dotted Pickles said...

My place is trashed too. We're moving into a new place, so I get the whole tornado comparison. :) Have fun with visitors!

truth said...

You look lovely! And yes, that happens at my house. You work on one room and the rest is a diaster.

Polka Dotted Pickles said...

Well, the people's house we are living in are moving back. It was basically a long term housesitting. So, we found an apartment on Greenwood. It is the dinkiest thing ever, but I'll have a place to put my bed and desk. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Char! Thanks for visiting me!

I'm so glad to hear that we're both having babies in July. Our little boy is due on July 10th, but we'll see when he decides to really come out.

For whatever reason, at the same time we were dismantling the "office" to make a nursery, we decided to rip up the dining room floor without a proper plan, and now we're looking at the plywood subflooring. This was on the same day that we introduced five new hens to our flock and had to deal with the pecking order. Sometimes I wonder if the tornado is in our heads...


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